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Dedicated Servers Plans

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CH-DS-1 | Intel® Xeon™ E-2234

4C/8T @ 3.6Ghz






30TB on 1Gbps



CH-DS-2 | Intel® Xeon™ Xeon E-2288G

8C/16T @ 3.6Ghz






30TB on 1Gbps



High Quality Dedicated Servers

Explore the features of our dedicated servers. We'll bring your dedicated server to life quickly.

1G and 10G Uplinks

Stay in the fast lane with high capacity 10G fibre uplinks available across our entire fleet of global servers. Experience the high speed internet connectivity.

24X7 Customer Support

Fast and Premium support. Hostperl with its support team is available 24X7 totally dedicated to serve you.

Enterprise Grade Hardware

Get the latest genuine Intel and AMD processors on rack mounted servers built as per your specifications and requirements.

Redundant Power Supply

Our dedicated servers equipped with dual power supplies to ensure you stay live and running at all times.

DDoS Protection

All services are protected with over 160Gbps of DDoS protection capacity via our Corero SmartWall TDS appliances, allowing your server will stay online.

Reliable Uptime

Experience exceptional reliability with our dedicated servers, ensuring your business stays online with a minimum 99.95% uptime.

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Dedicated Server Europe

Dedicated servers in Europe offer several advantages that cater to a wide range of users, including businesses, entrepreneurs, developers, and individuals. European dedicated servers are known for providing faster speeds and lower latency to users worldwide compared to servers in other regions. It increases the performance and user experience of application.

We also guarantee exceptional network uptime, with a remarkable 99.95% power and network uptime, keeping your business online and accessible to your customers around the clock. With years of industry experience, we have established ourselves as a trusted provider of reliable and high-performance hosting services.

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